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A cooperative collaboration of influencers and supports unified through sharing photos, videos, articles, projects and more.


Connect personally with the world’s largest personalities and most desired people.

Get paid for your following

A new way to social

Get paid support for sharing your stories, projects and knowledge with interactive supports.

Make your social network make money for you with paid subscriptions and interaction.

Learn more about A-List Chat
how to use it!
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Learn more about A-List Chat
how to use it!
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A-List Chat

"Following those who matter most"

"Get really close to idols, role models or experts in your field through

one-to-one live chat and group chat"

Unlike traditional social networks,

A-List Chat creates a 'real', direct connection between public figures and their fans. We allow interpersonal relationships to transition from conceptual, into reality. 

Our Story

A-List Chat's vision is to bring followers really closer to their favorite celebrities.

Our Vision

With A-List social network you can chat, connect and get close to

your favorite influencers, celebrities and experts like never before via

live videos, private messages

and group chats.



Tel: 877-830-0977

848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #5394 Las Vegas, NV 89107

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